Club 1 reborn

On 28 August 2018 Rostrum Club 33, which meets in West Perth, resolved to be renamed Constitutitional Club 1. The name reflects that as well as meeting at the Constitutional Centre in West Perth, it reflects that it is Rostrum WA’s foundational club, as for a number of years Club 33 had included members from a number of non-active Rostrum clubs, including No. 1 club.


The ┬áreconstitution Club 1 also received some welcome publicity through the efforts of one of its members, John Gardner, who had written an article which the Subiaco Post published on 4 August, about Myia Cleggett being presented by Club president Priscilla Nguyen with her trophy for winning Club 33’s speaker of the year competition in 2017.


Rostrum Club 1 Post Article