Frequently Asked Questions

There is no better way to improve your interpersonal skills, become a better communicator, learn how to run meetings effectively, enhance your organisational and committee skills, improve your business presentations and gain confidence, than by joining your local Rostrum WA public speaking club.

The membership of Rostrum clubs consist of both men and women from a wide range of backgrounds, vocation and experience.

Because of the operation of the Working With Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004, as Rostrum clubs fall within the definition of the broad range of types of organisations set out in Section 6 of the act, persons under 18 years of age may only attend a Rostrum meeting if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The way to gain confidence and learn the skills of speaking to groups of people is through practice with expert feedback. In a Rostrum WA public speaking club, this is done in a supportive and fun environment with a group of like minded people.

Members develop their skills and gain confidence by accepting the challenge to take part in the various public speaking exercises. At the end of each meeting each person who spoke receives positive and constructive feedback from a trained public speaking tutor who is trained in the skills of analysis and evaluation. It is from this feedback that you will really hone your skills.

Each meeting is chaired by a different club member. Most of the roles and exercises at each meeting are rostered and announced in an agenda issued at least a week before the meeting, including who has been rostered to chair the the meeting and other exercises from the PDP program.

Each meeting also has some shorter impromptu speeches, such as to answer the topical or pertinent question, which are of a shorter duration of about 2 to 3 minutes, compared to the rostered prepared speeches and exercises which may be 4 to 5 minutes in duration depending on the specific PDP exercise.

There are three development programs, as described in the Development programs page.

When new members join they are enrolled in the Personal Development Program (PDP). Although this program is self paced (as are all the programs), most people will want to be rostered into an exercise after two or three meetings. This is when improvements really happen!

No. Rostrum has some professional public speakers in its membership who use the forum to improve their skills. Most Rostrum clubs have a mix of new and experienced members from a variety of occupations.

There is no one so nervous that we can not help and there is no one so experienced that Rostrum can not improve, be it for prepared speeches, impromptu speaking or chairmanship. Rostrum is also a good fun social forum and there is opportunity to mix with other clubs in Perth.

Every 6 months a term fee is payable of $75. (This was current at January 2016 and may be subject to revision.)

To cover costs for room hire each club will have a different meeting fee. Some clubs also have a meal included in their meeting price. It is free however to visit any Rostrum WA public speaking club if you are not a member.

Rostrum is a non-profit organisation so the fees are very low compared to commercial organisations. The Rostrum WA joining fee is $ 75. The joining fee gets you membership, enrolment in the PDP course and a starter kit including reference material, wallet, certificate and badge.

Joining Rostrum Clubs of WA is as easy as :

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