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Find Your Voice at Club 19

Fridays 7.15am to 8.15am

40 Queen Street, Perth

(The only Rostrum breakfast club in Perth)


Public Speaking Fear Public Speaking – two words that can bring fear into the hearts of many people.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Have you ever found yourself Googling “how do I do a best man speech” or “what does an MC do” or even “how do I facilitate a workshop” ? If you have, then you will know that Google will present you with thousands of possible websites aimed to give you advice on that very topic. Information is good, but practice is better. Imagine if you were a member of a public speaking club…you would have access to an audience of people, people who would be able to listen to the different versions of your speech, providing useful feedback to assist you in creating the best speech or presentation possible. Doesn’t this sound better than practicing in front of the mirror? Or in front of your partner…or even the dog?

Rostrum is a fantastic public speaking club that allows to you to develop your skills in a supportive environment whilst having some fun at the same time. In fact, public speaking is like any skill – the more you practice, the easier it becomes, and the better you get. You can be assured that every member in the club has been where you are today – nervous, perhaps anxious about speaking in public. All our members started like that.

Club 19 is the only Rostrum breakfast club in Perth. It is both fun and dynamic, and has people from all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Our club has a casual, friendly vibe and is not focused on business and networking (although, what you learn from Rostrum should help you with those areas). Members really enjoy watching people grow and develop, and helping each other become more and more confident. There are many opportunities for you to observe more experienced members speak – at the weekly meetings or at formal speech competitions. And before you commit, you are very welcome to come along to one of our meetings as a visitor to see if it is a good fit for you.


According to our members, these are the top six reasons for joining Rostrum:

1. Confidence to address a group

2. Prepare speeches

3. Deliver business presentations

4. Conduct meetings

5. Career improvement

6. Wedding speeches

Other reasons cited included:

  • Impromptu speaking
  • Better communications skills generally; and
  • Confidence to speak about self, rather than business, service or products

Confident Speaker

What we can offer

Club 19 provides opportunities for you to start learning public speaking skills to help you confidently speak at meetings, talk about yourself at a job interview, facilitate workshops or groups, speak as the best man at a wedding, MC an event, or even informing or persuading someone to take action and do something specific.

We have a training Program called “Frontiers” that takes you on a journey from your nervous start, to eventually chairing a meeting and giving longer, more challenging speeches!

Each step in the program teaches and reinforces a skill. Each week we have a different club member chair the meeting (when they are ready), and different accredited coaches who give feedback on what we did well, what we can improve upon and some tips and techniques we can all benefit from. It’s very supportive. You go at a pace you are comfortable with.


Bragging Rights

We are very proud to say that our own Club 19 has won awards:

WINNER Club of Excellence 2017

WINNER Speaker of the Year 2017

WINNER Club of Excellence 2019

WINNER Club of Excellence 2020

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Public Speaking Fright

Don’t let this be you…come along to a meeting soon and start your
Rostrum journey.