Development Programs

Each tier of the Rostrum WA public speaking course is more demanding than the previous and after satisfactorily completing each one, a signed certificate is awarded. Each of the three tiers involves learning provided through feedback and coaching provided by accredited Rostrum coaches.

Introductory Personal Development Program (PDP)

This introductory PDP is especially designed for those new to public speaking. It is also a great refresher for those speakers who have had some exposure and wish to polish their skills. Progression through this public speaking course is done by completing each of the speaking exercises and obtaining expert feedback from Rostrum WA’s accredited public speaking coaches.
However, rapid progression (6 months) through Tier 1 can be arranged as part of a fast track public speaking training course.

The Introductory PDP consists of 12 sequential learning exercises which members can choose to undertake after joining a club:

  • About me (first speech)
  • Answering a pertinent question (impromptu speech 2-3 minutes)
  • Participating in a member (ie move a motion or amendment during a meeting)
  • Asking a pertinent question (PQ)
  • I feel strongly about speech (4 minute speech)
  • Reading aloud
  • Finding something to say (4 minute speech to persuade, entertain or inform an audience)
  • Finding something to say (5 minute speech)
  • Conducting a Rostrum meeting
    Prepared speech (5 minutes)
  • Giving a demonstration (5-7 minutes)
  • Prepared speech (6 minutes)

Tier 2:  Intermediate Development Program

The second tier public speaking course is suitable for relatively experienced public speakers. These public speaking and presentation exercises are more demanding than the Introductory PDP and requires sign off from a qualified public speaking coach to certify that the required standard of presentation and communication has been met. On completion of the IDP a member can consider themselves an accomplished public speaker. This public speaking course takes 12 months to complete satisfactorily.

The IDP is designed to increase a person’s confidence by undertaking nine areas of further development:

  • Impromptu speech
  • Reading poetry
  • Chairing a Rostrum meeting
  • Presenting a persuasive speech (5 minutes)
  • Chairing a formal part of a Rostrum meeting
  • Present a training session to either inform or teach a skill
  • Present a competition speech
  • Present an entertaining speech
  • Lead a discussion (ie a group situation which does not have a structure of formal meeting).

Tier 3: Advanced Development Program (ADP)

This public speaking course is designed for experienced public speakers.

On completion of the ADP the speaker will be qualified to coach/mentor new speakers, write a speech for someone else, lead large meetings and achieve advanced speaking skills

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