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What does Rostrum WA do?


No sure what Rostrum WA is all about?

Rostrum WA is a Not-for-Profit Public Speaking organisation which helps its members improve their public speaking and meeting skills through regular local club meetings and competitions.

Rostrum WA has 16 clubs which provide public speaking courses in the Perth Metro and rural area. These clubs are made up of local members who are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life overcome their fear of public speaking to improve their speaking, presentation and communication skills. This is done with the delivery of Rostrum WA’s unique public speaking courses and public speaking training.

When you become a member of your local Rostrum WA Public Speaking Club you have the opportunity to develop your speaking skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

Here is an excerpt from the official Rostrum Constitution Amended in 2002


The objects of Rostrum are:

  1. Rostrum is for those who desire to improve themselves in the practice of effective speaking, and who hold that freedom of speech, loyalty to truth, clarity of thought and a love of the English language are of the utmost value to the community.
  2. Rostrum aims to enrich the fellowship of its members; it holds to an educational ideal.
  3. Rostrum is non-political and non-sectarian and shall not under any circumstances become affiliated or associated with any political or religious organisation, body or sect. Nothing in the foregoing shall prevent the expression of political or religious beliefs by any member of Rostrum provided that the fellowship of Rostrum is not thereby endangered in any way.
  4. The objects and ideals of Rostrum are expressed in the Rostrum Promise, which must be made by every candidate as a condition of entry to membership. The promise is as follows:
    “I promise to submit myself to the discipline of this Rostrum club and to endeavour to advance its ideals and enrich its fellowship. I will defend freedom of speech in the community and will try at all times to think truly and to speak clearly. I promise not to be silent when I ought to speak.”