Strategic Workshops

February 2018 Workshop

On 3 February 2018 Vice President Carmel Phillipe facilitated a strategic workshop which sought to identify things we might want from Rostrum as an organisation and what we may look for as individuals. There will be further sessions to build upon the initial results of the February workshop and obtain feedback from all Rostrum members.


The format of the meeting was a series of exercises conducted in small groups, with summarised reporting to participants as whole. In the period following  the workshop Carmel will closely  analyse and review the worksheets  that each group produced around the two thematic areas.


With respect to the organisational thread groups were asked to consider:

  1. what kind of organisation did they want Rostrum to be
  2. what is Rostrum’s purpose
  3. what is Rostrum’s product
  4. how may this product be best delivered to members


With respect to the individual expectation thread groups were asked to consider:

  1. what did they want to get out of Rostrum
  2. what is the value of Rostrum to its members
  3. what makes Rostrum stand out as a way to achieve this?