You are currently viewing 2017 SIDNEY WICKS NATIONAL COMPETITION:


WA STATE FINAL – Now open for entries!


  • The competition is free to enter and is open to all Rostrum WA members!

  • From novice speakers to experienced Freemen, all are welcome to enter and compete in the WA State Final!

  • The WA State Final will be held in the evening on Saturday 27th May and the WA State Winner will compete in the Australian National Final in Brisbane on Friday July 28th

  • You can use the same speech topic to compete in the HEATS, the SEMI’s and the WA State Final!

Speech Topics:

  1. My first time

  2. In the blink of an eye

  3. Missing

  4. The new age

  5. Under the carpet

  6. Shame

Speech timing 10 minutes, with a warning bell at 8 minutes

Speeches for the National Final in  Brisbane on Friday July 28th will also be 10 minutes and new speech topics will be provided to the State winners for the National Final!

First round of HEATS will be held from April 18th through to the end of April

The SEMI FINALS will be held the week of May 8th

The WA STATE FINAL will be held Saturday May 27th

The NATIONAL FINAL is Friday July 28th in Brisbane!

For a competition entry form please click here: 2017 SidneyWicksWA EntryForm


Any questions – please email or call 0447 111 417