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Perfect product placement, aka Sneaky advertising


Full marks must go to the staff of the Freemasons Hotel in Geraldton for inadvertently advertising Rostrum to the locals and to the world.

A few months ago members of Club 14 arrived for their weekly meeting as usual, only to find their lectern had been purloined.

Then Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull was in town to discuss the NBN and hotel staff borrowed the lectern for his address to the assembled crowd.

A photo of Mr Turnbull appeared on the ABC website, with the Rostrum logo on show. It goes without saying that using the appropriate props correctly can lift your speech and your career as a public speaker to new heights!

Thanks to Freeman Ray Morton (Club 14) for providing the heads-up and photo.

Rostrum WA is a Not-for-Profit Public Speaking organisation which helps its members improve their public speaking and meeting skills through regular local club meetings and competitions.

Rostrum WA has 16 clubs which provide public speaking courses in the Perth Metro and rural area. These clubs are made up of local members who are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life overcome their fear of public speaking to improve their speaking, presentation and communication skills. This is done with the delivery of Rostrum WA’s unique public speaking courses and public speaking training. 

When you become a member of your local Rostrum WA Public Speaking Club you have the opportunity to develop your speaking skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.