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2015 Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year Finalists

Vivienne Ishak – Club 19 


Hi fellow Rostrum-ers, I’m Viv Ishak. I am a member of Club 19 and my journey with Rostrum started earlier this year. All I can say is WOW – what a whirlwind it has been!

I’m currently in my first year of full time work, I quickly learnt that public speaking wasn’t exactly my strong suit.

I have constantly challenged myself throughout the year and I think it’s fair to say, challenging myself has become a little addictive!

Aside from focusing on my personal development and career, a lot of my time is spent training in the sport of Muay Thai.

Finally, I have an identical twin sister and yes, she has the same crazy hair as I do. If it don’t say hello or seem to be ignoring you – hopefully this explains why 🙂

I look forward to meeting and learning from you all!


Joanne Turbett – Club 2230 


I first joined Northern Coastal Rostrum Club 22 when I was 22 years old and credit my current training career in IT systems to the many skills I’ve learnt in Rostrum.

My career has taken me as far afield as Karratha, Exmouth, Kalgoorlie and Norseman, and to all states except the NT. Travelling is good when someone else is paying for it, but it has meant I’ve had to re-join the club twice!

In my spare time I cycle and since my mid-30s, attend classical ballet classes – something I used to do when I was younger. I believe it’s good to stay fit and have a creative outlet.

This year I’ve been presenting the Speak Up Speak Out short course for Training Council as well as working on the new Critics Development program.

The AGSOY has been a great experience. I thoroughly recommend taking up the challenge.


Frank Butler – Club 50 


My wife and I are typical greenies! We try to be as self-sufficient as we can. Being vegetarian means we’re able to grow much of what we eat in the garden so it’s useful that I love gardening!

Eager to try something new, we started bee-keeping earlier this year and not long ago extracted nine kilograms of honey from our hive – our first haul! Exciting stuff!

I have been a student at the Perth School of Practical Philosophy for 21 years where I tutor, attend as a student and support the school through their various activities. Through the school I have been inducted into TM meditation and the study of Sanskrit.

Travel is one of my great loves. Next year my wife and I plan to visit Jamaica for the annual Sumfest International Reggae Music festival in Montego Bay.


Samuel Osborne – Club 34 


Samuel Osborne is a speaker, educator and coach. He gets out of bed enthusiastically to teach people about putting their lives in order and serving humanity in a meaningful way.

He is passionate about music, spirituality and neuroscience. For the last five years he has facilitated beatboxing, vocal looping and rapping workshops at festivals, and in schools and youth organisations. He empowers children to take creative risks.

Samuel is also a lively wedding and functions DJ. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts double major in Philosophy and English, Graduate Diploma of Education, Diploma of Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming Certification, and Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy.

He speaks conversational German, having lived in Karlsruhe, German for over a year.


Joanna Whitney – Club 11 


I thoroughly enjoy a challenge and love to get my teeth into a topic. The best part is exploring the topic and all that it suggests, transforming it into a speech that’s meaningful, and then delivering it coherently.

Rostrum provides the ultimate forum for delivering that speech to an audience that is listening intently so I know I need to give something that is intellectually stimulating and yet emotionally engaging. That is the fun part. The hard part is the discipline to practise, practise, practise.

Outside of Rostrum I really love my job, teaching kindergarten children – where else do you get paid to have fun all day?! And it’s all good training as I have recently become a grandmother!


Priscilla Nguyen – Club 33 


I am Priscilla Nguyen. I am the current secretary of Rostrum Club 33. I joined Rostrum Club 28 (formerly the Telstra club) 20 years ago. However, I was away from Rostrum for many years while having a family as well as when I was studying for my MBA.

Coming to Australia as a boat person with English as a second language, Rostrum has given me a foundation and platform to work at developing my communication skills and improving my confidence. Further, attending and practising my speeches in the very supportive and safe environment of Rostrum meetings, I’ve certainly moved forward with better public speaking capabilities and more confidence.

When I started work for Telstra at 22 years of age, I was shy, spoke little English and lacked self-esteem and confidence. Today, I manage a team of nine IT architects at Western Power.

I’m married to a very kind, supportive husband and have two sensible children. I go to the gym every day and practise Cerco dancing every week. I like playing guitar, gardening, travelling and particularly watching Asian dramas. I have just too much to do, but not enough time. Above all, life is a journey of learning and Rostrum will continue to help me to grow!!!