Seeking confidence – finding so much more

Seeking confidence - finding so much more

Seeking confidence – finding so much more

Recently the Rostrum WA Executive Team released a survey to members for the purpose of finding out what people hoped to learn from Rostrum; what they gained; and if they were to search for Rostrum using Google, what search terms they might use.

A total of 62 members from 19 clubs participated in the survey, which produced a bounty of ideas for keywords and content to drive traffic to the Rostrum website.

Some of the keywords and article ideas include:

  • overcoming nerves
  • making great presentations
  • how to capture an audience
  • public speaking for dummies/ beginners
  • best wedding speeches

The results found that the majority of our members came to Rostrum seeking to gain confidence in speaking in a range of work and social situations.

Not only did members gain confidence through regular speaking exercises, but they also developed the valued ability to speak at short-notice, and learned to compose and deliver well-crafted speeches and present ideas thoughtfully and clearly.

The survey also provided a fantastic opportunity to help us understand why our members stay on at Rostrum, with 47% of respondents having been with Rostrum for more than 10 years.

Some of the reasons members keep coming back include:

  • new challenges
  • a love of the discipline of writing speeches and entertaining an audience
  • passing on the skills learned and helping with the development of others
  • continual learning in a positive environment
  • keeping skills up/ prevent becoming rusty

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, the results have provided the Rostrum Executive Team with valuable input into how we promote the benefits of Rostrum on the website, social media and other marketing channels.


Kelly Brown

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