Public Speaking – Eight things your AUDIENCE needs and expects from you

Public Speaking - Eight things your AUDIENCE needs and expects from you

Public Speaking – Eight things your AUDIENCE needs and expects from you

A  Attitude

A positive attitude is the most important quality any communicator can possess. Your audience will be more attentive and energetic, and will respect you for your great outlook on life. Speakers with charisma are always positive.

Tip– Smile and you will start to feel more positive.

U  Unity

Your job is to bring your audience together so you can establish two-way communication. It’s about making people feel part of a group. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere so your audience feels as though they belong.

Tip – Humour unifies an audience because laughter breaks down barriers. Try sending yourself up to make a point.

D  Direction

You have a responsibility to take your audience on a voyage. People want to know where they are being led in a speech; you need to direct them on a carefully mapped-out route so they are not confused about your message. They want to know there is a purpose to what they are listening to.

Tip– Have a beginning, middle and end to your speech.

I  Involvement

People learn best in an experiential environment. The simplest way of involving an audience is by asking questions and getting them thinking and talking so that the communication is two-way.

Tip– Introduce an energiser; get everyone up on their feet. It must be relevant to the theme.

E  Empathy

Empathy is the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings. This is one of the most important tools in communication. We learn to be empathetic by listening to and observing others.

Tip– Take time to stop and listen to people.

N  Nurturing

It’s the presenter’s responsibility to nurture their audience, so take care of them no matter what the subject matter. Enable them to learn.

Tip Speak with a caring tone in your voice. Kindness doesn’t cost, so be generous with it.

C  Credibility

Your audience needs to believe in you from the moment you open your mouth. You are the expert in your field and that’s why you are speaking to this audience. Without credibility your messages will have no impact.

Tip – Provide the person introducing you with relevant, up-to-date material and credentials well in advance.

E  Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is essential to wake up any audience and keep their interest. You cannot have too much passion. Depriving your audience of your enthusiasm robs them of any relationship with you.

Tip – Confident posture, a smile, energy and a lively voice tell your audience you are enthusiastic.

Portions: Maggie Eyre, Speak Easy 2007

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