How to deliver a memorable toast speech

How to deliver a memorable toast speech


Here is an example of a great toast speech, by an experienced Rostrum member.

by Joanna Whitney, Speaker of the Year 2012

The Allsorts of Rostrum

Rostrum is like a bag of liquorice allsorts.

When you dip into that lovely crackly bag there is always something for everyone.

Whatever you pull out will taste a little like the rest, but it will be quite different from the others.

Some of them are pink and black, some plain and long. My favourites are the lovely colourful sandwiches and you can eat one layer at a time. And you always get a few of those strange blue dotty ones at the bottom.

We all reach into the Rostrum bag seeking different things.

Many of us reach in to pull out confidence, the ability to feel relaxed and assured when we stand in front of others and give our opinions. We are looking to develop specific skills and strategies to make ourselves better communicator and presenters.

Some people reach for the wisdom and intellect that comes with a love of language and a deep thirst for knowledge. These are the wordsmiths amongst us who can craft and deliver rich textured speeches laced together with quotes, history and humour.

The show ponies amongst us seek the opportunity to shine. They relish being able to speak uninterrupted for long periods of time and enjoy the illusion that people are listening to them. (Thank God for the warning bell).

And there are those of us who reach into the Rostrum bag for friendship and fellowship. The chance to make and build friends apart from work colleagues and family and the opportunity to get out of the house at regular intervals.

Many of us here tonight are long term loyal Rostrum members who gave up picking and choosing long ago and we tend to just scoff the whole bag. But whatever it is that you are seeking there is plenty in the Rostrum bag to share.

So, I ask you to stand and raise your glasses and drink a toast to the all sorts of Rostrum.

‘To Rostrum’


How to deliver a memorable toast speech:

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