Experiment with how your humour works on an audience in the Comedy Competition

Experiment with how your humour works on an audience in the Comedy Competition

‘Make us Laugh Competition’ – Why not have a laugh and have a go?

All comedy has humour, but not all humour is comedy. Have you ever stopped to think about the differences?

Humour is whatever makes us laugh in any situation. It pops up out of nowhere. It’s born the moment we laugh.

Comedy is planned entertainment. Every word and action is chosen for its ability to produce a laugh.

Humour and comedy are subjective. One person may have tears rolling down their face from laughing so much. Another will sit there blinking in stunned disbelief, thinking, ‘how is this funny?

That’s why the ‘Comedy Competition’ has a new name, a new look, and a new way of being judged…..

So how will you make us laugh in the 2021

‘Make us Laugh’ Competition?

This year the ‘Make us Laugh’ Competition will be judged by the audience – the ‘People’s Choice’.

This means your routine can be structured however you like. Whatever your style is, just go for it.

Comedy or humour, we don’t mind. So long as we laugh. After all, it’s about stretching your speaking skills and finding what works for you.

Imagine being able to make your audience laugh.

Why not have a go?

Prizes:- First – $300 Second – $200 Third – $100

The details…..

When: Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Where: Eastman Lounge, Hockey WA, Curtin University

Time: 6.15 pm sharp – 8.45 pm

Cost: $30 includes a two course meal plus tea/coffee

Drinks available for purchase at the bar

How many laughs will you get in 5-minutes?

Register here – https://rostrumclubsofwa.wildapricot.org/event-4187541

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Note 1 – The Debate used to share the night with the Comedy competition, but this year each event will shine its own light on different nights.

Note 2 – The Debate is morphing into the ‘Persuasive Speaking Competition’ – watch this space for more details.

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