Rostrum WA | Special General Meeting
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Special General Meeting

Special General Meeting

The two resolutions dealt with by the Special General Meeting on 3 December 2018 received a very high level of support – 

Name change: 96.9% in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention,  – motion carried. This means we are now called Rostrum Clubs of WA Inc.

Adoption of new rules of incorporation  – 100% in favour – no abstentions – motion carried unanimously. The new rules have been submitted to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and upon acceptance by the department, will form the new legal framework for Rostrum in WA.

A total of 34 people attended the meeting in person including all members of the RMC (Rostrum Management Committee). The required quorum was 15, either in person or by proxy. Members from 8 clubs were present – 61% of the clubs

Proxies were received from 64 members from 8 clubs.That meant that exactly 50% of the total membership took part in the voting either in person or by proxy, which was6.5 times the required quorum was present.