Public Speaking Tips & Rostrum WA Informer Magazine
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Public Speaking Tips & Rostrum Informer Magazine

Do You Need Public Speaking Coaching?

  • WA STATE FINAL – Now open for entries!   The competition is free to enter and is open to all Rostrum WA members! From novice speakers to experienced Freemen, all

  • The Arthur Garvey trophy beckons…who will take it home? Speakers undaunted by AGSOY semi-finals challenge The AGSOY semi-finals on 29 September and 7 October must hav

  • Semi- Final Dates and Venues Announced Semi Final #1 Thursday September 29th Club 50 Canning Speakers Location: The Canning Arts Centre, Corner High and Riley Roads Riverto

  • Some good ideas to help you with your next presentation Preparation and Practice  It is EVERYTHING! Generally speaking, for a speech you have not performed in the past, you

  • Specialist Speeches – Funerals It is a great honour to be asked to speak at a funeral, whether you are giving the main eulogy or a supporting speech, or would simply

  • Commitment Congratulations to Carmel Philippe Shugg who was accredited as a Critic in July. Carmel attended the critic/coach training in 2014 and has been developing her sk

  • The 2016 Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year Competition! WA’s Premier Speaking Competition is about to start. All the details for the Public speaking competition heats

  •   Jeanette wins the John Barton trophy Kelly Martinovich (Club 50), Michael Quinn (21), Jeanette Palumbo (11) and Will Wong (15) impressed both the adjudicators and th

  • Do you want to be able to write an award winning speech? A speech so good that you could enter and win the Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year? Here is a bit of wisdom and wi

  • Making a speech memorable A good speech leaves the audience wanting more. A memorable speech also gives them something to mull over and discuss for some time afterwards. &n

  • Tips and Tools for Success in your Rostrum WA Club VENUE Find a permanent meeting place in a convenient location, which is easy for visitors to find, pleasant to be in and

  • Good communicators know how to maintain eye contact and use it when speaking to anyone they meet. It’s not a trick or technique, it’s a powerful tool. The moment a speaker

  • In a variety of communication situations, less is better. Powerpoint For example, if you are using a PowerPoint presentation, don’t put 50 words on a slide. A PowerPoint sl

  • At the Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year final last November, Victoria Park Club 15 was awarded the (R) Alan Crook Award for Club of Excellence in the Perth metro area. The

  • Do you have a specialist speech coming up? Rostrum WA – Perth Public speaking and communication training experts present some handy tips to get you started. Introduci

  • A refresher on Storytelling 101 JD Schramm At bedtime, I tell stories to my godchildren, Anna and Noah, when their parents invite me to care for them. Their capacity for st

  • When less is more in your next Public Speaking Presentation  In a variety of communication situations, less is better. For example, if you are using a PowerPoint presentati

  • Club 15’s Comedy Night a winner Comedy Speech contestants (l-r) David Colson (19), Clive Carrington (11),
Diana Marr (50), Linda Brown-Davies (15), Anna Piscicelli (15), Mi

  • A bunch of ‘firsts’ at Critics’ Training! A very successful Critics’ Training Course was held on 27 February and 12 March and represented a number of significant ‘firsts’ f

  • Humorously Speaking  You want to present a humorous speech, but don’t know where to start? Many people are afraid of using humour and a lot of speakers, even some of the be

  • Being able to confidently speak on stage is one of the most rewarding and scary experiences you can have. Being able to hold the undivided attention of a large group of peo

  • Program Directions are ideas for more imaginative speaking exercises to enable members to develop their communication. Situationals: Some of the most enjoyable and challeng

  • A new year begins and as we get back into work and other activities our Rostrum year gets underway. In my email message a few weeks ago I suggested ways in which you could

  • Felicity Higgs (Club 15) was presented with the John Barton Trophy by Club President Freeman Wayne Passmore at the end of year function in December, for her win in Foothill

  • Young, old, female, male, beginner or expert – all are definitions that society places on us though, at Rostrum, we’ve no need for definitions. We’re all, every one of us,

  • The 2015 Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year award dinner had a few extra items on the program this year. The program also included an Impromptu Speaking Competition. Freeman

  • The Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year final and Rostrum Annual Dinner on 28 November at the Lake Karrinyup Country Club once again delivered a night of entertaining speeche

  • Full marks must go to the staff of the Freemasons Hotel in Geraldton for inadvertently advertising Rostrum to the locals and to the world. A few months ago members of Club

  • No sure what Rostrum WA is all about? Rostrum WA is a Not-for-Profit Public Speaking organisation which helps its members improve their public speaking and meeting skills t

  • PREPARE PRACTISE RELAX  Prepare thoroughly to ensure that there are suitable opening words and a clear framework for the speech tucked away in your mind. This reduces the n

  • Vivienne Ishak – Club 19  Hi fellow Rostrum-ers, I’m Viv Ishak. I am a member of Club 19 and my journey with Rostrum started earlier this year. All I can say is

  • Many members will be aware of the passing of Michael Connelly in April this year. Michael was a Foundation Member and Honorary Life Member of Swan-Midland Rostrum Club 39 a

  • Being able to capture the attention of an audience during a presentation is a skill that takes years to develop. By joining your local Rostrum Club you will have the opport

  • How to make an Impromptu (On the spot) Speech Impromptu speeches should follow the general rules of public speaking – i.e. they should have form and not ramble. The opening

  • On 12 August, 23 Rostrum members met at the Gosnells Hotel for this year’s South of the River Speaking Competition. The Chairman of the meeting Freeman Rick Staker welcomed

  • Twelve students from nine secondary schools competed in the State Final of the Rostrum Voice of Youth Speaking Competition for the opportunity to represent WA in the Nation

  • Lynne is Rostrum WA’s Speaker of the Year 2014    Speaker of the Year Lynne Ellis, Runner Up Kun-Lin Wu and Freeman Wayne Passmore.  The Rostrum Annual Dinner and final of

  • The finalists have been decided–who will be Rostrum WA’s Speaker of the Year 2014? End of Year Celebrations The end of another year is rapidly approaching–Christmas display

  • A Fly on the Wall Conversation overheard at a recent Rostrum Club meeting, between Wanda and Wally (not their real names): Don’t be a Wally. Get together with others in you

  • Another Rostrum Year Well, we’re nearly halfway through the year with two Dais meetings and the AGM done and dusted. So far this year I’m pleased to welcome two new members

  • It’s DECEMBER… Wishing you a Merry Christmas! I’ll be in Melbourne by the time you read this, getting ready for a big family Christmas in someone else’s house. We’re

  • Just when you get settled…! There I was, going along quite happily, counting down the days to my next holiday, thinking that everything was settled and stable with Ro

  • What Makes a Great Rostrum Meeting or Event? The past couple of months have been great to celebrate Rostrum and have given me this month’s topic. In the second half of Marc

  • 2012–An Exciting New Year Here we go again. New Year just started and it’s already March and nearly my next birthday! But I won’t talk about that! As I said in my recent em

  • Season’sGreetings to All  Well it’s nearly here. Only a few days to go as I write this, then we can all have a rest from Rostrum. But what’s amazing is what we’ve done sinc

  • End of year highlights and a taste of what’s coming in 2012!   Less than 10 weeks till Christmas – there’s a scary thought – and to that time of the year when clubs s

  • What’s been happening? What’s coming up?   I can’t believe it’s been nearly five months since my last report. So, what has been happening? On the personal front we had an i

  • Autumn Convention 2011  The morning of Saturday 22 May dawned bright and crisp, and high on the hill in Claremont the Rostrum faithful gathered for fun, fellowship and lear

  • Where are all the members?!!   We’re nearly at the end of April and travelling OK but not breaking any membership records. We’ve increased total membership to 310 to the en

  • So it’s “Goodbye from him” and “Hello from me”   On Friday 26 November at the Dais Reps meeting, Chris Stone stepped down as President, no doubt with some relief, and I was

  • Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year:  ‘Sisters … doin’ it for themselves’.  History was made at Wesley College on Saturday 30th October when four women and no men conte

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