Perth CBD Clubs - Rostrum WA
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Perth CBD Clubs

West Perth Club 33

Meeting Time: Tuesday 12.30 pm

Venue: Constitutional Centre of WA Corner Parliament Place, West Perth

Club Contact: John Gardner PH: 3989 8289


Meeting Cost: No fee

Meal Provided: No

West Perth Club 19

Meeting Time: Friday 7.15 am

Venue: CBH Gayfer House 30 Delhi St, West Perth

Club Contact: Lauren O’Neill PH: 0401 509 140


Meeting Cost: $4.00 (Free for First time visitors)

Meal Provided: $3-$6 Buffet options

East Perth Club 4/8

Meeting Time: Wednesday 5.30 pm

Venue: Meeting Room Canteen Complex Health Dept Hill St, East Perth Club

Contact: Roland Bee PH: 0419 190 620


Meeting Cost: $5.00 (Free for First time visitors)

Meal Provided: No

Perth Club 5

Meeting Time: Thursday 7.45 am

Venue: Lavan Legal L20 The Quadrant, 1 William Street, Perth

Club Contact: Candice Lamb PH: 9288 6000


Meeting Cost: No Fee

Meal Provided: Breakfast Included

City Perth Club 1/2

Meeting with club 33 until further notice